• College campuses are as safe as any other public domain.

    Murder-suicide, murder, suicide, death and destruction, etc., are all part of our daily lives, sadly. We expect college campuses to be safe havens, but in reality there are daily crimes committed on the grounds of our educational institutions. But when you put that in perspective of size, a campus sized area in any major city is subject to more crime than is present on campus. Many college students come from small towns around the country and have nearly zero street smarts or knowledge on how to avoid being the victim of a crime. It doesn't make college campuses any more dangerous or safe than anywhere else. We just expect it to be safer because those are OUR KIDS going to THAT SCHOOL.

  • No, I do not think college campuses today are safe.

    No, college campuses are not safe spaces. Many of them are open access and have minimal security or police presence, and many allow certain types of weapons to be carried on campus, including guns. Especially for ethnic, racial, and sexual minorities and women, college campuses are not safe places to be.

  • College campuses are targets for violence

    It seems young people may not choose to live and study freely, without some madman going on a campus shooting rampage. Universities are places for liberal thought. Yet, attackers do not keep this idea in mind. If there is some ideology that either offends or troubles society, universities are usually the target for the expression of society's anger, or vengeance. Campuses are not safe anymore. Students will have to attend classes under surveillance. They will have to practice safety drills, and will be on edge. The liberal mind is thus impeded. If students can study online, it makes for a safer and more controlled learning experience.

  • College campuses are far from safe.

    As a recent college graduate I can tell you for certain that colleges do not take proper precautions when it comes to the safety of their students. While I agree that not every incident is preventable, I also know that colleges can do a lot more to protect their students.

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