Two convicted in Bridgegate scandal: Is Chris Christie's political career over?

  • Hopefully it is

    Chris Christie is like Trump without the advantage of at least being entertaining in his awfulness. He's a mean-spirited bully, and if he expects us to believe he had no knowledge of the closings then he has another thing coming. He's set to be in prison for a long time, and he deserves it.

  • Yes, Chris Christie's politicial career is over

    The damage has been done to Chris Christie's political career even if he is not the one convicted of the Bridgegate Scandal. Christie is desperate to ride the coat tails of Trump and that would be his only way out, if Trump wins the presidential election. Trump would make a place for Christie in his new cabinet but the Trump win in unlikely to happen.

  • He is not honest.

    It became clear in the Bridgegate scandal that Chris Christie is not an honest politician. He decided that he does not want to play fair. He wants to use his power to his advantage. The people of the United States figured this out when they voted against him for the Republican nomination for president. Politically, he is done.

  • It's not necessarily the end.

    Under normal circumstances, this petty and stupid crime that inconvenienced so many people would be seen as a major scandal and would mean the end of Christie's political career. However, given the rise of Donald Trump it appears as though the standard has been changed for serious misconduct from public figures and Christie might possibly get out of this scandal unscathed.

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