Two dollar drug test puts innocent people behind bars: Should this drug test be banned from use in trials?

  • Yes they are not good

    Tens of thousands of people every year are sent to jail based on the results of a two dollar roadside drug test. Police, Prosecutors and Judges rely on these results which are not accurate. Widespread evidence shows that these tests routinely produce false positives.Hence they should be banned from use

  • Yes, it should be banned.

    It is clear that the drug test is not conclusive and has given many false positives. The system is already unjust and any steps that can be taken to make the system as just as possible need to be taken. This is an easy way to reduce the number of innocent people who are locked up.

  • Drug Test does not affect what they're on trial for

    Why should a drug test determine the innocence or guilt of someone for a crime that is not related to drugs in the slightest? A positive or negative drug test does not show whether someone is guilty of a crime or not, it just shows that they might use drugs.

  • Yes, this drug test should be banned from use in trials.

    The two-dollar drug test is not a reliable test when it comes to determining one's drug use. The results from this test should never be admissible in court because its findings are so unreliable. In fact, innocent people have been sent to jail because the drug test registered a false positive during a trial.

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