Two firefighters killed and dozens injured in Boston fire, should firefighter's have been protection?

  • Protecting the Fire Fighters that put their life on the line.

    I believe that anyone that goes out here on a daily to defend, and help other people to be safe, or bring them to safety should be protected, I believe that the government should fund a new training course for fire fighters to have a different approach when coming into a fire so that they can get home safe, to their families.

  • Of course fire fighters should be protected

    If this question is actually asking about should the fire fighter should be protected then of course. Why should they not be protected? They wear equipment that helps them when they are dealing with fires. However, we can not completely protect them completely though which is a of course not a good thing.

  • No, the firefighters likely were adequately protected

    No, there has been no evidence that the firefighters killed and injured in the Boston fire were not adequately protected. This the Boston fire department, the fire department in a major city in the United States. It's highly doubtful that they don't have the best and newest equipment available. The deputy fire chief said he has not seen a fire travel so fast in his 30 years with the department. The firefighters who went in to save lives are heroes, and they did what they've been trained to do. It's a horrible outcome, especially for the two heroes lost, but it's doubtful that negligence is the reason for their deaths.

  • They Are Protected

    It is always difficult when hearing about the death of a fire fighter, but they provide a risky service to the public. They are required to complete classes and training in their services and they use thousands of dollars worth of equipment to do their job as safely as possible. They are protected, they shouldn't require more.

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