Two-party system: Is a two-party system preferable to a multi-party system?

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  • A two-party system is too limited.

    I believe that a two-party system is far too limited. A multi-party system would be superior
    because it would offer more choices to voters.
    A multi-party system would force the parties to compete for the votes of
    the people. This would bring more compromise
    among parties and cause candidates to be less hardline.

  • Two party system is bad for democracy

    The United States of America has been a test case of an actual two party system, as opposed to a multi-party system with two dominant parties, as is typically the case in European countries. What have the results shown? They are not good. The US has some of the highest rates of corruption in the industrialized world, some of the most unresponsive governments (speaking of both state and federal governments) and some of the lowest voter turn-out rates in the world. Compare this to the thriving democracy of Denmark, which the voter turn-out is on average 70 percent of the electorate, and their government is far more stable and far more responsive to the people.

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