Two police officers were killed in an ambush. Is the media creating a backlash against the police?

  • Yes, I think so.

    Ismaaiyl Brinsley pulled the trigger, but those two officers were just as surely murdered by the media. From the start, the American and world press have treated two cases of unfortunate but by-the-book police work as if they were acts of vicious racism that discredit every American police department. Not one major media organization ever pointed out that white criminals who attack the police or resist arrest get rough treatment, too, and that there is nothing in either incident to suggest race mattered to the officers at all. The press helped whip up an atmosphere of hateful self-righteousness .

  • Yes, biased coverage.

    I strongly believe the media is out to create a backlash against the police. The society now sees the police as enemy and the gap between them and the public has increased thanks to the media. It's true not all police are good but let them point the individuals and not the whole force. The public need the police most.

  • They want this to happen.

    Yes, the media is creating back lash against the police. What used to be reported as fair use of force for criminals that wouldn't follow police instructions, is now being reported as outrageous use of force by law enforcement. This is true even when the person has a weapon or is threatening the police. This is the media's fault.

  • No, the media is not creating a backlash against the police.

    No, the media is not creating a backlash against the police because they have condemned violence like this. The media is simply raising awareness about police brutality. That does not mean that they want police to die. You can support police and also condemn police brutality. It is only right.

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