Two Popes Cannonized: Did you watch the television coverage of the ceremonies at the Vatican?

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  • I did not watch

    I did not watch the live TV coverage of the Vatican when the popes were canonized. While the canonization of the two popes was definitely news to Catholics, it was not truly big news for the rest of the world, espceially not as big as it was made out to be.

  • The sanctity and accomplishments of a pope should stand the test of time.

    Time has an uncanny way of shaping politics, prejudices and perceptions. The perceived gravity of a person's actions, accomplishments, and virtues increase or decrease as it passes. History hides and reveals both scandal and valor. The Church declares that an individual is a positive example to the world when it canonizes someone. The sanctity of any such person, especially a Pope, should stand the test of time before such a declaration is made. The debate over the fruits of Vatican II is still very alive. It would have been better to wait much longer before acting on these canonizations.

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