Two-state solution to Israeli-Palestinian conflict: Can a two-state solution bring peace?

  • Not total peace, but it will be a step forward.

    I'm ultimately going to put this on the Yes side, but I don't absolutely agree with Yes either. A two-state solution is clearly the best thing we have in sight right now. Other solutions that our politicians are considering are... Not right. That's mostly because the rest of the solutions are just intervention, invasion, and extermination - from, yes, both Israel and Palestine. They both believe the land is theirs. They both want Jerusalem, which is, how it seems, both their main focus. How do we solve this? I myself have an idea. Though I am not the biggest proponent of city-states... They work. Look at the Vatican City. It's great! Concerned of Italy invading it? The world won't allow it (and the chances of Italy doing that anyway are super low). So why not declare Jerusalem a city-state? It's not as black and white as the Vatican since multiple religions are involved with Jerusalem... But it might just work. Of course, it will be met with resistance, but I believe that's our best solution for the long-run, and Israelis, Palestinians, and everyone else will learn to accept it. To my understanding, Jerusalem is only a city for the Abrahamic religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. How about a triumvirate? Council of representatives? That's how Jerusalem will be governed. But what if Israel and Palestine invade it? Same thing as if Italy invaded Vatican City: world condemns it, and if it escalates, then we take action. How does that sound? Ultimately, I believe that is the best solution at this time.

  • I hope so

    Though I can not say for sure that the two-state solution will be effective, I can say that It bring hope to a peaceful resolution. These two countries have been at it for years and I hope they can finally move to negotiations for peace. I feel optimistic that this will work.

  • These groups would not settle for it

    The whole conflict in question is that both groups of people think that the land rightfully belongs to them. Although a two-state solution would be the best way to solve the conflict, they will always be at war regarding who should actually own the land. These groups will stay in conflict until one of them is wiped out.

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