Two tread water for fourteen hours: Do we have enough search and rescue efforts on our coasts?

  • We have enough search and rescue efforts

    We do have enough people doing search and rescue work. The open seas are a tricky area because the boundaries of US and International waters are confusing. However, we do have enough search and rescue personnel to patrol our own waters. If we tried to staff and entire ocean, it would be impossible to have enough money pr resources to do it properly.

  • I think there is neough efforts on the coast

    I think although it is a sad situation that for the most part the search and rescue efforts are enough. I think it is impossible for a situation like this never to happen and the amount of more time and money it would need is not worth it. I would rather the Government put money into National Securities etc then to put more search and rescue efforts on the coast.

  • search and rescue services under pressure

    Clearly there are not enough search and rescue efforts along the coasts when two people can tread water for fourteen hours and not be picked up for so long. However there are many pressures and constraints meaning that more coverage is impossible. Until this is rectified we will see similar and worse situations occuring.

  • Based on Evidence, we need better Coastal Rescue

    Based in the evidence from this story alone, there is sufficient proof to validate the argument that we need improved coastal rescue teams. When in comes to people's lives, there is no better argument for additional resource. In this instance they are lucky that the people were strong and could survive this length of time, it could certainly have been far worse.

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