Tyrant: Was the pilot actually too conventional rather than controversial, as expected?

  • Tyrant was too Conventional

    In many ways the pilot of the TV show Tyrant was much 'safer' than people were expecting. For example, the use of english even when Arabic individuals are conversing among themselves is very strange and shows how the producers wanted to not risk people losing interest in the show due to an unfamiliar language. This with the rather conventional plot make it a uncontroversial pilot.

  • Same story, different setting

    The plot itself isn't anything new. It's a dynastic family- Godfather type of story, in a made up Middle Eastern setting. If you look at history from around the world, Europe, Asia, India, you can find a basis for a similar plot arc. So even if the story becomes more sensational, it's happened before and therefore is more conventional than controversial.

  • Yes. Tyrant, just another drop in the Ocean.

    Yes, Tyrant had the chance to bring out many controversial topics that many Americans were expecting about the Arab countries and the conflicts that surround them. Sadly the writers and producers of Tyrant decided to go for a more soap opera style with the show with weak plot lines and laid back characters. A disappointment all round for those die hard drama fans.

  • Too much like The Dictator.

    Yes, the pilot was too conventional rather than controversial, because it's pretty obvious that the makers of Tyrant just want to have a comedy spin on The Dictator. Adam Rayner is a good actor, but the pilot was still flat. This might have been controversial 20 years ago, but today it is just standard.

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