• Of course they should

    There are many things that aren't perfect in this world protest is just a way of pushing are leaders in the right direction, violent protest should be done away with but just protesting is fine. If it wasn't for protest we would still be sexist and racist and that would just be dreadfull

  • Yes, people should protest.

    Yes, people should protest because there was no reason for the boy to be killed. He was an innocent thirteen year old kid who will never be able to grow up. People should see this as another example of racism in the police force, and the protests should be peaceful.

  • Yes, people should protest the killing of Tyre King

    The killing of a 13 year old black boy by the police in Ohio sets up another reason for an angry protest in the black community. It is still too early to know all the circumstances of the shooting but the story is very familiar. Police are quick to use their guns on a suspect and the public needs to demand changes.

  • Yes, if people feel moved to speak out against the senseless violence in their country, they have the right to protest.

    American citizens have the lawful right to collectively assemble and to air grievances they have against the state. Senseless violence is affecting countless American families and those people who oppose this should take to the streets to get heard. Tyre King's death did not need to happen and people should open their eyes to this tragedy.

  • I don't know what to say here

    I think at a minimum we should protest how bb guns look like the real thing. We should take a look at how African Americans are treated by police, and how that may or may not differ from treatment of other ethnic groups. A child is dead, and that's a tragedy.

  • Absolutely, not !

    There should be no protest. He pulled what appeared to be a gun on an officer. An officer is going to shoot every time. Maybe people shouldn't pull guns, or bb guns that look like real guns, on officers and they will walk away. Comply with police and no one gets shot. Very simple. This is in no way race related.

  • He wasn't shot for simply having a bb gun

    Tyree King was involved in an armed robbery with his friends. The bb gun that he was in possession of appeared to be that of a real firearm, in fact, he knew it looked real enough to be mistaken for a real firearm considering that he brandished it during the robbery. Also, the whole reason that the teens were stopped was because they matched the description of robbery suspects, and King's friend would later admit that they were involved in a robbery. He also pointed the weapon at the officer, so the officer didn't have enough time to determine whether the firearm was real or a bb gun.

  • Why show support for criminal activity?

    Any protest in the light of currently available evidence is support for criminal activity and does nothing but add strength to the negative stereotypes that are being asserted as the reason for the incident. It seems difficult to understand how anyone thinks that law enforcement officers will become less concerned for their safety when interacting with young Black men when the Black community comes out to strongly support young Black men that commit criminal acts.

  • We don't know what happened.

    According to police he had committed armed robbery and pointed WHAT LOOKED LIKE A REAL GUN AT POLICE. If this is true, the shooting was justified. The police officer did not have time to anylize the weapon The armed robbery suspect pulled it out and he had to make a split second decision.

  • Police did nothing wrong.

    According to the complaint the police were responding to, a person fitting the boy's robbed someone at gunpoint. Then, when someone fitting that description pulled out what appeared to be a real gun, the police officer had every right to believe his life was in imminent danger and shot in self defense.
    If you don't want to be shot by police, here are a few rules you should follow. First is, don't commit crimes. Second one is, don't run when police arrive. Third, do exactly what police tell you to. Of course, this means you should not resist arrest. Lastly, never pull something out that could look like a weapon. Obviously, the kid broke at least two of these rules but the thing that got him shot was pulling out what appeared to be a gun. If anyone is to blame for his death, it would be the kid.
    Note: My dad gave me a bunch of rules to obey when handling a gun. One was, never point anything at a police officer.

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