U.K. to censor online videos of unconventional sex acts: Should all online sex videos be censored?

  • Yes, all online sex videos should be censored.

    Yes, all online sex videos should be censored. There is no need for any sex videos to be online. There is little regulation on the internet and many times people view them who should not. It's a hotbed for child pornography, sex trafficking and other problems. All sex videos should be banned.

  • Sex is a natural act.

    I do not believe that all online sex videos should be censored. Sex is a natural act, and exposure to sex and sexuality helps to eliminate the need to make the subject taboo. By making sex accessible, though videos or other means, helps to create an open dialogue about sex and the opportunity to educate people, especially today's youth, about safe and consensual sex.

  • It is the Internet.

    There are a lot of reasons why people want to use the Internet. People watch pornography whether it is on the Internet or rented from a video store. Banning one medium is only going to push people to get the same thing in a different medium. Instead, there should be more websites that treat people for porn addictions and other personal problems.

  • Online sex is just as muchpart of freedom of expression as anything else.

    I think as long as the acts are between consenting adults it is no one else's business to regulate what people can and can't see and do online. While it is important to keep minors away from this type of thing and there are also limits to specific kinds of expression, things shouldn't be taken too far.

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