U.S. busts $300 million fraud ring of phony IRS callers, arrests 56. Has the tide turned in the cyber war?

  • Yes, it has.

    This cyber war anyway. There is not a single cyber war, any more than there ever was a single war on drugs. Hopefully this ring of hackers is done and over with and people will no longer have to worry about being called by people impersonating the FBI or whoever to as a scam.

  • Yes, the tide has turned, for now.

    Yes, thankfully the tide has turned and the scammers are getting busted. But it's only a matter of time before they come up with new ways to commit fraud. It's a constant battle, and the crime fighters need to remain ever vigilant. For now, it looks like the phony IRS callers are being dispersed.

  • Hardly a change in peace

    Cyber security and cyber attacks are an everlasting ever-changing battle. Every patch and every correction comes with a new home, a new hack, and a new backdoor that someone will eventually exploit. Catching 56 people involved in a cybersecurity scam is like catching 56 low end drug dealers, it's just a drop in the ocean compared to the bigger and more legitimate problems.

  • Hope so, but not sure

    I'm hopeful that when it comes to cyber crimes, the US is making progress. However as technology gets more sophisticated, so do criminals, so new technology makes it easier for them to come up with more schemes and defraud more people. Hopefully the "good guys" are also catching up in their ability to find and stop cyber crimes.

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