U.S. denies visa to Iranian envoy: Should the United States grant a visa to Hamid Aboutalebi?

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  • Hamid Abouttalebi & Visa

    As Americans we do believe in equal, to a certain point, when there is more to the story, than us readers are lead to believe there has to be a reason why, the U.S is denying a person a Visa, but of course us as the people will never really know the truth.

  • Iranian Envoy Must be Stopped

    Hamid Aboutalebi is a terrorist. We should not allow known terrorists into the country, no matter what their diplomatic status. Iran bars virtually all Americans from entering their country, but expects that we will allow someone who has held Americans hostage into ours. It would be sheer madness to back down and allow him to take his seat at the UN.

  • No Visa for Hamid Aboutalebi

    The Obama administration should not grant a visa allowing Hamid Aboutalebi to enter the country, because he is a proven enemy against the United States. His involvement in the 1979 U.S. Embassy hostage crisis in Tehran proves that he is not fit to be an Ambassador, and Iran is pushing the U.S. to appear as weak if they allow this man to have a visa.

  • Deliberately provocative choice

    The choice of Hamid Aboutalebi - a former hostage-taker - seems like a move meant to be deliberately provocative. They could have chosen from any number of qualified candidates, but they seem to have chosen Aboutalebi merely to take us down a peg. It should backfire. He should not be allowed into the country - not only for the obvious reasons, but to turn the tables on Iran.

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