U.S. deputy drug czar says pot is less dangerous than alcohol. Do you agree?

  • It's The Truth

    To me, it doesn't really matter who is declaring marijuana is safer than alcohol, it's a known fact. Neither are free from side effects, but most conclude that they would prefer marijuana over alcohol as well. I fall into that category. You can have your booze, I don't want them.

  • U.S. deputy drug czar says pot is less dangerous than alcohol.

    U.S. deputy drug czar says pot is less dangerous than alcohol. I believe that this is very true because look at the drunk driving fatalities that have occurred. Marijuana does not have this negative side affect that causes people not to be able to drive correctly. I think that pot is less dangerous.

  • Finally, some truth from the anti-drug zealots.

    Glory be, will wonders never cease? The United States actually has a deputy drug "czar" who said something sensible about marijuana. Yes, I agree with that statement. No one has ever died from a dose of marijuana, it's literally impossible to overdose. That alone makes it much safer than alcohol.

  • Pot is more dangerous than alcohol.

    Perhaps the U.S. Deputy Drug Czar is a closet pot-head. The thing that make marijuana so dangerous is that it is a gateway to so many other significantly more dangerous drugs. Alcohol isn't a gateway to anything but simply more alcohol. As bad as that is, it's still less dangerous than being a gateway to things like cocaine and other really hardcore drugs.

  • They are both dangerous.

    The U.S. deputy drug czar is wrong when he says that pot is less dangerous than alcohol, because driving while high is every bit the problem that driving drunk is. Driving while high is harder to discern, so more people get away with it. Being high is every bit as addicting as being drunk. Alcohol and marijuana are the two most highly-treated addictions in the United States. They are both problems for our society.

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