U. S farmers should go on strike to starve the blue democrat-run cities

Asked by: FormerLeftist
  • Leftists are not people. . .

    Leftists are selfish, Ignorant and useless. They are incapable of supporting themselves, Incapable of making good decisions and need to suffer in order to learn even the simplest thing.
    It seems obvious to most people that blue cities should be starved out and lose their police. If people are unwilling to get violent, This is the type of warfare that must be used.

  • Yes they deserve it

    Democrats are ruining this Great Country, They're passing laws that are actively destroying not only themselves, But also rural conservative communities. These city commies think they are righteous in "punishing" Rural American conservatives for being pro-Constitution and pro-Country. For instance, Upstate New York farmers are being decimated by policies and taxation being passed by politicians who only represent NYC which has become a criminal communist cesspool especially under cuomo. City liberals need to be reminded that Rural Communities are the ones working hard to feed this Country. If the city liberals want to be communists then they should get used to famines which are ubiquitous to all communist regimes, Afterall that is what they signed up for.

  • Are you okay in the head?

    Do you realize what you're saying? You're literally asking for people to starve because of their political beliefs. You are wishing death on people with different political beliefs. Once again, Are you okay in the head? Also, Aren't you supportive of free speech? Well, Being on a different side is free speech. Deal with it.

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