U.S. government shutdown: Are the Republicans sacrificing the American economy for cynical political gain?

Asked by: brian_eggleston
  • Republicans bare all of the blame in this

    The Affordable Care Act was passed by both houses of Congress democratically. It was reviewed by the Supreme Court and deemed constitutional, a court dominated by conservatives I might add. It survived the re-election of the president that championed it. It is the definition of a constitutional law. Now the Republicans, that have neither a majority in the Senate nor the Presidency, want to undermine or overturn it by threatening the lives and well beings of countless Americans. Actually, if allowed to vote, a clean CR would pass the house right now WITH Republicans voting for it. What the Republicans are doing is neither democratic, nor ethical. If they want to change the ACA they need to win elections, have votes, and make compromises, the way a democracy is supposed to work. But the Republicans know this and they know they can't win in a fair fight, so they hold a gun to our heads and demand what they want. The president is absolutely right to refuse to negotiate with them, in the same way you don't negotiate with a mugger, you send them to jail.

  • Definitely the Republicans are in the wrong

    The Affordable Care Act was already debated by congress. It passed in a legitimate vote. It was reviewed by the Supreme Court. It even survived a re-election of the president that created it. It is the definition of a constitutional law. Republicans don't have a majority in the senate and they don't have the presidency, but they are still trying to over ride the Affordable Care Act. They know that they can not win and they don't deserve to in a democratic system, so the only reason for their shutting down of the government is cynical political gain.

  • The Lower Class

    The Republicans are really making it very economically difficult for members of the lower class to even survive. Many government assistance programs have closed due to the government shut down. Americans are at risk of falling back into another Great Depression due to the economic situation we are in. If both sides reach a reasonable agreement, then everything would be settled.

  • This is not how our government works

    If we were to allow the Tea Partiers to get what they want - to remove Obamacare - we are accepting that there is another branch of the government that can control which laws are passed. This is not how America was meant to run itself. Obamacare is a law that was passed by our government. For our government to be respected, we must honor our process of pushing laws through. There is no middle ground. On scale, the small pocket of Tea Party Republicans can be compared to children that didn't get the prize at the end of the game, so they are never playing again and don't care what benefits came from playing the game. Now no one can play, not even the rest of the Republicans, and we only have a small group of spoiled brats that are use to getting what they want to blame. Regardless of your ideals concerning the matter of Obamacare, the real issue is how we handle controversial laws as a government. Shutting it down is not the answer, and it only hurts the people who had no control of it all together. This shutdown was estimated at nearly costing 25bn dollars, and for NO reason at all besides the pride of the Tea Party. But hey, the politicians are still getting their checks, so the important people are being taking care of (/s).

  • Tea Party vultures

    The republican's need to cut the Tea party loose. They have a very fine lens on their opinions. No body on the international stage would want to deal with such a right wing group. Except maybe the Nazi party running wild in Greece at the moment. For the balanced people who are attracted to Republican ethics they must be feeling confused and lost. They are being hijacked by some whacko Packos. Who harms their country's economy and the global market for something that is practiced globally and implemented all around the world. And is then deluded that it is a patriotic stance. I would be ashamed if I was American. The world looks on helpless and shakes it's head.

  • MOST Republicans... But not all.

    I just wanted to make the point that while I see the shutdown as being mostly the fault of the Republican's fighting the affordable care act when it was unwise to do so (As it had been both upheld by the American people and the Judicial Branch), quite a few Republican's have decried the actions of their more conservative peers. However, I can't say that the Democrats did an excellent job either, they just were less to blame for this particular event.

  • Shutdown is a false premise and political gain is not the goal when fighting for a principle.

    The Government is not, has not and will not shutdown. If both sides agree spending is the problem, cutting non essential services is a great place to start the conversation. The House of Representatives offered 16 proposals to initiate the conversation with the ultimate goal being compromise. The Senate offered 0 proposals and would not vote on a delegation to start the proposal process. How can we be so naive to believe the media in there efforts to frame something that does not exist and make comparisons to terrorism and anarchy in the process. Being responsible does not always mean popular. We forget that the House of Representatives actually represent the people. The Senate represents big business, big state government, and big federal government. The media exists and retains it's ratings and ability to generate it's business from the people that are represented by the House. Why do they ignore the people's side of the story?

  • Democrats have refused to budge or negotiate.

    Democrats have refused to even talk to the House Republicans. On the verge of the shutdown Republicans requested a conference with Senate Democrats. Democrats said the will not have a conference until they get a "clean CR". In essence, Democrats have said, "give us everything we want, then we'll negotiate".

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