U.S. House passes CISPA: Is this the end of Internet privacy?

  • Yes, all internet is tracked.

    Yes, CISPA is the end of internet privacy, because everything is recorded and measured. The government records what people search for on the internet. They use metrics to determine what people are doing. People should be very careful when they use the internet because it is safe to assume that the government is watching. They're probably watching me type this.

  • That 's interesting.

    Well internet privacy is already ruined. The majority of sites you go to take that information and send you spam and junk mail. Some could be useful, but the majority of it is just empty trash. Government have eyes on government webpages, businesses over websites, advertisements on every webpage. Next time you go on youtube or even facebook you can see ads pop up. Internet "cookies" aren't just a code in the computer, they are stored in servers where only the trusted people of the company can access them, but they are still accessible. Really the internet doesn't have much of a privacy outlook in the first place, it's not just about deleting your history and calling it good. Admins look over webpages to see activity going on, such what the users do, the threat of hackers, and whatnot. But it is all necessary. If you were to write some obscene threat of the internet against the country or any one person of importance, the government can see that, either the admins save it and send it, or the government already has eyes in places. So really the argument shouldn't be about the privacy of the internet, but how far businesses and the government can probe on the nets.

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