U.S. is 65th in world on gender pay gap: Will this pay gap ever be corrected?

  • I think the gender pay gap will eventually close.

    Yes, I think that at some point in the future the gender pay gap will eventually be corrected. There was a time when the conversation about this pay gap didn't even exist. So I believe that somewhere in the somewhat distant future women can be expected to make a comparable amount of money to men.

  • Innate factors impact the gender pay gap

    Many of the factors that contribute to the gender pay gap can be addressed. For example, women can be mentored and encouraged to be more assertive in salary negotiation, while management teams can proactively seek out and develop talented women as part of their diversity strategy. But part of the issue is that getting the absolute top paying jobs involves tremendous sacrifice of personal time - evenings, weekends and sometimes long stretches away from one's family. Many women want balance between their careers and their lives. They do not want to miss out on their children growing up. Although some people would find this unfair, as long as that is the case, there will be some statistical difference between the genders, as more men will make choices that are pro-career.

  • It's not a problem.

    No, the gender pay gap will not ever be corrected, because the gender pay gap isn't as clear as women claim that it is. I am a woman myself, and most of the women that I see that make less have taken time off in order to raise children. They deserve to make less.

  • I don't think this gap will ever be corrected.

    Here in Canada, we all know were lucky because we know our neighbors under us are struggling a bit more then we are. When you search up the U.S minimum wage in some states, it can be jaw dropping. I know the U.S is very rich in many ways but one thing they never figured out is how to balance good economy while keeping your citizens happy with good enough pay... Which still hasn't happened and probably will never.

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