U.S. military attacks against ISIS: At a cost forecast of $4 billion a year, can the United States afford to continue?

  • Yes, we cannot afford not to attack ISIS

    I do not believe we should put a price tag on defending the innocent or combating terrorism. This is an issue that needs to be dealt with and it should be done according to the measure that was dealt. ISIS does not follow military protocol. They attack innocent men, women and children and should be put down as soon as possible.

  • We Cannot Stop War on Terrorism

    Four billion dollars is a drop in the bucket for the U.S. government. Banks are paying more than this in fines for their roles n the financial meltdown. We can easily afford to keep striking against ISIS. The risks of terrorism at home or abroad too great to stop this campaign.

  • U.S military attacks

    Yes I do believe that America can continue to afford to attack ISIS. There are so many things that can be stopped and quit being funded that would give us enough money to continue to attack ISIS. This is way more important. When innocent lives are at stake this should be top priority.

  • Yes, they can afford to continue the war.

    ISIS' mission is to effectively dominate the Middle East, and before our intervention they were beginning to accomplish this with an invasion of Syria as well as power over most of Iraq. If this is allowed to continue without American intervention, the spread of ISIS could very well ruin the entire Middle East. Therefore, this cost is not prohibitive enough to warrant ending our war on ISIS.

  • Ask yourself who this war benefits, because it is not the citizens of America.

    There isn't any sort of gain for American people, until we attacked ISIS there had been no threat to American citizens. ISIS is an extremist group, but we have a media that is failing to present that all religious extremism is dangerous, not just Islamic extremist. The media is presenting that Islamic countries are dangerous and need to be stopped, We as Americans are going to be viewed as fighting not ISIS but of fighting Muslims which is waging a holy war, on 1.6 billion people. We have waged a war on terrorism, and unlike many of our past wars there is no way to defeat terrorism, we are waging war on an idea. This "war" is extremely beneficially to both the terrorist and to the oil companies. By giving these "terrorists" airtime you are giving them EXACTLY what the want, by attacking them and inadvertently killing innocent civilians along the way we are helping their cause. Because in the countries that we are attacking there are large numbers of people that don't see the acts of violence from ISIS, but they see OUR drones in the sky they see OUR military taking over there streets. If we continue to popularize and pay for a battle which we can not win and which does not benefit the people than we will continue to sink into the debt that our previous wars have dug us into. They only have raised up to power in result of American intervention. Their weapons where once ours, their enemies where once ours. We have enough problems in our own country that we can't possibly find reason in fighting in one that does NOTHING for us.

  • Are You Serious...

    Let's face facts... The US is in debt... In a LOT of debt! 17.8 TRILLION dollars to be exact. The individual debt per US citizen is about 58 thousand dollars. This is more than the average American makes. The country can not economically support any more wars. We are not the police for the planet. War isn't all to blame. Big business and large banking corporations play a large role in the economic disperity (Anti-prosperity) of the United States. The people of the United States need to take a stand against big spending and corporate hoarding and look towards the future fighting off debt and promoting the economic well-being for the country and its people.

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