• It's making things safe...

    So you may feel like the government is constantly spying on you. The truth is if your a good person than America couldn't care less about what you're putting on your phone. So now think about its benefits...This at least allows us to find the bad guys. If someone is a major hacker don't you think it makes us safer if the government can acknowledge it and stop it. We need to stop treating the government like the bad guy. Spying on our phone isn't giving the government any more information than your family provides them with on a regular day. Let it be....

  • A tough decision...

    It could completely debated that America needs to stop spying on their citizens. With recent news with ISIS terrorists apparently finding themselves leaving the United States to join the brigade, it could be said that it is good for the American people to be spied on, but this is also a breach of privacy.

  • How is it making us safer?

    Now we all know the government is spying on us, we can live in comfort right? No. We can't. Imagine someone stalking you, CONSTANTLY knowing everything about you. Your weaknesses, your beliefs, where you live and where your family lives. Does that make you feel safe? No? I didn't think so.

  • No, U.S. planes spying on American phones does not improve America's safety.

    No, the spying on phones by U.S. planes does not increase American safety. In fact, this likely just results in overt spying on citizens by the U.S. government. The NSA has already crossed the line in terms of stepping on civil liberties and breaking the law. Additional spying on its own citizens does nothing to improve safety.

  • Safer at what price

    The world changes but right to privacy remains the same. The sheer amount of data produced in the modern world is no doubt being spied on but at what cost? Millions of Americans are being spied on by consecutive governments without their choice. Sure some times there is valuable data discovered that some times may lead to America avoiding an attack. The suffering of 250 million innocent people does not feel 'safer'.

  • No, U.S. planes spying on American phones does not make America safer.

    No, U.S. planes spying on American phones does not make America safer. By spying on American's, it is creating a state of paranoia which is doing more harm than good. Spying on suspected terrorist is one thing, but breaching the privacy of the everyday American who has done nothing wrong is just not right.

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