• Yes, US Police killing a mentally ill black man is racism.

    Yes, US Police killing a mentally ill black man is racism. The police did not kill him because of his mental illness, they killed him because of the color of his skin. There are so many people with this instilled fear of people of color, and for hundreds of years, black people were not considered humans in America. This fear and dehumanizing of black people will take a long time to eliminate the the American psyche, and especially the mids of law enforcement.

  • Yes, this is racism.

    Yes, this is racism because it is another case of police killing a black man who had no intention of hurting anyone. It is sad to see what is happening in this country. There needs to be a new fleet of police who are willing to die for their community.

  • Yes, this is racism.

    Yes, racism is the reason the mentally ill black man was killed. The United States does not care if a black man is mentally ill because the country does not see a mentally ill man, it sees a black man. Black men are killed by the authorities in the United States everyday and it does not matter what's wrong them. They can be the most innocent person ever and can still be killed. It really does not matter.

  • No, it's not racism.

    The problem with the police - all the shootings going down in recent months - is not solely limited to blacks. Other races deal with the same thing, but the public outcry does not get as much attention. White people are gunned down too, sometimes without a "real" cause, just the same as blacks.

  • Its what the poilice are supposed to do

    The police are supposed to protect its citizens and enforce the laws and there are no exceptions. Just because your black doesnt mean the laws should be bent for you. Same if you are white or tan or even if your purple the laws are the same These BLM protesters are ridicules and want to commit crimes without facing the law

  • Think about it.

    What would happen when the police would just let a mentally ill person hurt bystanders JUST BECAUSE HE WAS BLACK??? This is the same with women. Personally, i think america sucks. It has the worst laws ever.
    Go on and hate on me, i don't care.
    K thx kys .

  • The police are doing their job.

    Yes, a black man was shot and killed. What if I said a white man was shot killed? How about by a black cop? If that is any different than black killed by white, than you have no room to argue. I believe the police are doing their job. If I, a man with a known mental illness, ran up to you with a gun looking object, point blank, ready to shoot you, would you feel threatened? If you had a gun would you shoot me first? If it turned out I did have a gun, would you regret not if you wouldn't shoot?

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