U.S. shale industry may shrink 30%: Should investors sell stock in shale oil companies?

  • Yes investors should be selling shale oil companies.

    With the world-wide demand for oil dropping and the price to match. Now is the time sell off shares in companies that product expensive shale oil. We are not at the bottom of market yet. There will be lots time to buy back in to shale oil production at a lot more reasonable price.

  • No, the crude oil stock is going to rebound.

    Invest should not sell stock in shale oil companies, because the price of crude oil will return to it's peak. Even though it has plummeted from $108 per barrel during the June 2014 peak to $46, oil futures usually rebound faster than the rest of the economy. For example, the 2009 oil crash only took 2 years, much faster than the stock market recovery.

  • Yes, I think they should.

    Yes, I think that investors should sell stock in shale oil companies because I think that is their best bet to making money right now as the whole economy is at a huge standstill and they really won't make a service selling it any other way then to do that so that is what I think.

  • There's No Telling

    I think there's a possibility that they should but the key word here is MAY. There's a big possibility that it will happen but there is also one that it won't. Imagine if they sell them now, then it's their loss and it's too late and that may could become a won't.

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