U.S. Soccer Beats Ghana: Is the goalie the most important player on the soccer field?

  • The Goalie is Important

    In soccer, you must have a good goalie to be a winning team. If you can not defend your goal and keep the other team from scoring you will loose- simple as that. You can have the best players in the world on the team, but if you can not keep the ball out of the net that eon't matter. the Goalie is the key to defense and success.

  • Yes the goalie is the most important player on a soccer team.

    Without doubt the goalie as the last line of defense is the most critical member of a soccer team. It is a team game but the goalie has to be on their game or else the team has no chance of success. Goalies have to have good eye hand coordination and courage!

  • Stops the goals.

    Yes, the goalie is the most important player on the soccer field, because ultimately if your goalie isn't any good, neither will your team be any good. The goalie has to be able to think quickly and make good plays. They have to be able to anticipate where the ball is going to be. A good goalie is always the MVP.

  • Theiy are the last defense

    A good goalie is a help to the team no matter what. But even with a decent goalie the team should still be able to win. A goalie is the last line of defense against a goal. A god group of field players should always be able to prevent the other team from having the opportunity to score.

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