• It crazy enough it might actually work

    The regime army have little trust in the system already, corruption and poverty is rampant and it main support rely on censorship and propaganda;so the global internet might the right choice. If their people have access to the world they can at least see the BS that are being fed to them with a rusty spoon. They can learn what the rest of the world is like,how the war was already over 50 year ago,and know what we "imperialists" are really. The best part; it would be consider a humanitarian project and only cost a faction of what we would spend in anti-missile defense in years to come if nothing is done today.

    Inspired by this article

  • More free stuff

    In life nothing is ever free. The tax payers would be footing the bill. There are more important things than to get a country free internet. Plus even if we got them internet Kim Jong Un would eventually find a way to make sure the people there didn't access certain websites.

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