U.S. supports Ukraine's military moves for now, urges caution: Should the United States support Ukraine (yes) or Russia (no)?

  • The U.S. has done bad things but it can try to do good things too.

    The U.S. has done some bad things in terms with geo-politics. Trail of tears, mexican-American war, war of 1812, etc etc etc. The U.S. loses a lot of its honor from these wars, but i believe we have improved when we intervened in WW1 and WW2. We can't continue to be on the wrong side of things.

    After reading upon all these wars, and seeing Russia invade another country in this fashion, the USA doesn't respect the perpetrators.

    We are talking about a country that had to go through mass murder/oppression during nazi occupation and stalin's rule. Now after Russia has the Gall to pull this donkey tail stuff and say they have the rights to this land just because they populated this land with their people is unjust. Should just give it back to the ottoman empire or just let the people work it out.

  • U.S Should Support Ukraine

    The Ukraine is defending itself against a foreign invader. It is asserting its right to exist as an independent nation. The U.S. should support the Ukraine's right to self determination and to defend itself against foreign aggressors. Russia's actions are illegal and threaten the stability of all the nations that share borders with it.

  • "USSR" President Putin is overcompensating for something....

    Russia is only testing the waters while land grabbing. Russia has been lying from the start of attacking Georgia and now Ukraine. Putin has a second class grunt force and a 3rd class Navy. If they want to go toe to toe with America.....Well.....He has some humbling experiences coming his way. Lets just say that America has some of the best and creative mercenaries in the world. Push comes to shove and Putin is getting a Ricen tipped umbrella point straight in his calf on a crowded street. When you start registering Jews in Ukraine under martial order, well that just reeks of ole boy Hitler all over again. Just 1 week ago they started the registering of Jews in Ukraine....Hmmm... Whats on the horizon here! History repeats itself when not learned from!

  • Yes, I think we have no other choice.

    Yes, I believe the US should support the Ukraine and not Russia. Because of the actions Russia has taken and also threatens to take, the US has to support the Ukraine. I also believe this could escalate to the point where other countries will have to become involved due to humanitarian issues.

  • U.S. Should Support Ukraine

    Supporting the Ukraine in their efforts to defend themselves is something the U.S. should do. Each country has the right to defend themselves and rightfully do so. On the other hand the U.S. should not get involved in the issue. Supporting one side is quite different than stepping in and taking sides.

  • Go With Russia

    Russia, rather we like it or not, is a world power. The United States should support Russia in regards to the Ukraine so this can be handled and over with as soon as possible. Creating tension between Russia and the US would be a bad thing and it could send us into yet another war.

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