U.S. weather satellite system hacked: Will more attacks follow this one?

  • Hackers learn systems by hacking, leading to more hacks.

    When accounts or systems are hacked, they give hackers an inside view of what sort of securities are currently in place. By breaking into those securities, hackers have a general idea of the securities capabilities that are available, as most hack-worthy systems are highly secured. Basically, the weather systems security was secured as tightly as allowed; with hackers now having access to the information necessary to break into that system, there is limited intelligence that could increase the security levels.

  • More hacking will occur

    More hacking will occur. This is because once the hackers have figured out how to break into someone's system, they will do it again in other surprise attacks. Even though it seems the hackers jump from one institution to another, they have also been known to do these repeated attacks.

  • Yes , most probably

    I believe the hackers are not going to stop, lately everything feels chaotic , hackers attacking weather satellites shows what a weak defense we have, and we are at their mercy , what if someday they decide to mess up everything at a press of a button only ? makes you think

  • If there's a weakness, they'll find it

    If the perpetrators of this attack are a country or government, then there is no doubt that further cyberattacks will occur. Even if the hackers are civilians, the likelyhood of another attack is high. It is a hacker/penetration testers drive to find weakness in computer systems and to either highlight those weaknesses or abuse them.

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