• Yes, defiantly it is.

    Not only is U2 well past their prime, as the proved when they tried to give a free album that nobody wanted, but the fact that they are headlining Bonaroo proves that Bonaroo is well past it's prime. This festival has become a laughingstock of itself. It will surely be popular though.

  • Have been for years

    U2 has been past their prime for years! Who even gets excited to see them perform anymore? I can see it if they are playing at a venue surrounded by other groups of their era, where that is the main music people are coming to hear. Otherwise, they aren't worth seeing.

  • No, U2 is still very relevant.

    No, U2 is not past their prime. Their music is still phenomenal, and their heart, compassion, and social activism remain strong. U2 have always spoken up against injustices. Today more than ever their voices need to be heard and their messages heeded. This band continues to entertain while opening hearts and minds.

  • No, U2 is not past its prime

    The band U2 is not past its prime. The music of U2 is still very popular with many of the band's fans - the band's music is often played on radio stations too. U2 will likely draw a huge crowd at the Bonnaroo music festival. Many older bands like U2 remain popular for years.

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