Uber drivers demand higher wages: Should Uber drivers worth more than minimum wage?

  • Uber drivers should recieve higher pay

    Uber grew to a large company on the promise that it could provide reliable transportation for less than traditional taxi services. The company does this with drivers earning less than minimum wage after auto expenses and gas are subtracted. For Uber to be a viable company that benefits consumers and drivers, the drivers need better compensation.

  • They perform a service.

    Uber drivers do something very important. To a certain extent, it is skilled work. Not just anyone can drive a car safely and do so in a commercial fashion. They also have a large number of expenses, such as vehicle maintenance and gas expenses. They should be paid what they are worth for serving the public.

  • Yes, Uber drivers should be paid more than minimum wage.

    Yes, Uber drivers should make more money than the minimum wage, which in many places and for many families is not a sufficient livable wage. Unless a state, country or province has exceptional minimum wage laws that provide a decent living, every laborer should make on average more than the minimum wage.

  • If People Are Willing to Pay It, Go For It

    If people are willing to pay more than minimum wage for an Uber driver, I do not see any issue in asking for more. It should be up to the consumer to decide how much they are willing to pay. People may pay more for a good, safe, dependable driver. Uber drivers are taking risks in picking up strangers so if they want to get paid more, then that should be their choice.

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