• Yes, I think so.

    Uber has previously said drivers in its top 20 U.S. markets make an average of more than $19 per hour, but that doesn't include "driver-partners' expenses" like gas, car repairs and insurance.
    Drivers in some cities have also complained that Uber's aggressive fare cuts make it harder to scrape by with those additional costs factored in.
    Unlike fast food workers, Uber drivers are considered contractors rather than employees. For that reason, they are not entitled to overtime pay or sick leave.

  • The business model is exploitative

    Uber is essentially a business model that pits workers against each other which forces the prices of their service to the bottom. In addition to this, the company treats its workers as independent contractors which means that they are not given any of the perks associated with stable employment. Given that, it is reasonable that the workers expect to be fairly compensated for their work.

  • Yes, Uber must pay their fair share.

    Yes, Uber should raise the minimum wage for their drivers. Nobody who works a full schedule in such a stressful job should worry about how to pay for their housing or food. Uber has expanded dramatically over the past several years and has spent plenty of money on advertising and public relations. They can afford to pay their drivers fairly.

  • Yes, it should.

    At the very least the structure should be changed so that it is more like the one used by Lyft. If uber enjoy going to raise the minimum wage for thier employees, then they should at least allow the passengers to tip the drivers so that hey have a better chance of earning a living wage.

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