Uber lost more than $800 million in the third quarter. Is ridesharing a sustainable business?

  • They have to change their business model.

    Over time, Uber will have to adjust to changing conditions. Perhaps Uber is in the middle of a transition that will bring in even more cities to its operations. In the end, that could result in an even larger profit. Perhaps Uber needs to cut administrative or legal costs. They will figure out the magic formula.

  • If done correctly

    Ridesharing is a great idea, but there need to be improvements made. For startrers, it's important for some people to know that their drivers are safe. There have been reports of unsafe driving and even violence by Uber drivers, which stops people from using the service. Another issue is availability. Uber needs to do their research and figure out how many drivers they need to have available and at what times on what days. Some times will be slow, and others will be busy. They need to account for this. Any business is sustainable if enough information is sought out and analyzed properly.

  • Spend money to make money

    Uber might have lost over $800 million but it is still the name of the game in the quickly growing industry. Lyft offers some competition but Uber is a brand name that is trusted now. Most of their ads are for drivers in my area (Washington DC) meaning they are definitely expanding and unable to meet needs at this time.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Uber has claimed for much of the year that its U.S. business is “profitable,” but that profitability is an illusion. Another factor in the huge loses is all the accidents. In the cab business once a driver reached a 100 safe shifts their chances of an accident dropped dramatically. It was always the new drivers crashing up the cabs. With the uber turnover rate they always have a large percentage of new drivers therefore the chances of an accident are always high.

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