Uber slashes prices in 48 cities: Will the price cuts help their drivers long-term?

  • Yes, the Uber price cut will help their drivers long-term

    Cutting the prices for Uber will benefit their drivers long-term because more people will choose to utilize Uber in the wake of their price decline. The more people that use the service, the more drivers will be busier and their compensation may increase from the increase in use of Uber.

  • Uber drivers will soon reap benefits of price cuts.

    Currently, Uber is one of the leading independent cab agencies on the market. With its strong and fast reputation, as well as prices lower than its competitors, passengers are certain to take up more business with Uber. The cab drivers will be the first to reap the rewards--of course, more paying customers means higher wages for the drivers.

  • No, lowered cost of products and higher price of gas does not mix.

    Prices should not be lowered too much. Because of the price of gas it can be inferred that the company, uber, will not be able to keep prices low without having drawbacks. Some of these drawbacks include firing drivers because it would cost too much to ship around the states and the world as well as produce. This would cause the company to eventually fall.

  • No, Uber price slashes will not help

    The lower of prices will possibly mean more money for Uber, but the increased activity will not benefit the drivers. This is unless their individual pay is not affected by the lower rates. Lower prices means increased work for less money. This cannot not be fair employment or business pracitce. The ethics are truly missing.

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