UCLA mourns a day after shooting: Could more strict gun laws prevent shootings such as this?

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  • Of course not!

    Imagine if everyone on that campus had a gun. Do you really think that the gunman would've gotten very far! A lot can happen in the time it takes police to respond to a shooting, and taking away guns from the good guys won't solve the problem! Criminals will get guns no matter what! When was the last time a criminal obeyed the law? Isn't that the point of a criminal? I find it interesting that when a drunk driver hits and kills someone with their car, the driver is blamed. When a gunman shoots someone with their gun, the gun and gun manufacturer is blamed. These gun laws and restrictions are absolutely ridiculous. I could write a book about this, but strict gun laws will NOT prevent mass shootings, it will only encourage them.

  • Enforce the laws we have already!

    Gun laws, if you actually read the laws laid down by states and federal departments, are already reasonably strict. Part of the problem with the current gun laws is that there is no consistency between state and federal regulation, nor is there a consistency between neighboring states. And many of the state laws are not even enforced. For example, NC requires a waiting period for a handgun, but if I don't want to wait, I simply drive across the state line and buy one without the wait. Let's fix the laws we have instead of just complicating the issue with more laws.

  • Stricter gun laws would not have prevented UCLA shootings.

    In California where the recent UCLA shooting occurred, gun laws are already extremely strict. The fact that the majority of shootings happen in places with very strict gun laws, inside "gun-free zones" shows that no matter how much we restrict gun ownership, we cannot prevent people who are determined to commit a violent rampage from doing so.

  • There are no guarantees

    There is no doubt that we need better and stricter gun laws. However, there will also always be a way for people to get guns illegally. Even is a mental stability test was given before a gun license is granted there is no way the road of somebody's life can be mapped with enough confidence that they will NEVER use a gun to commit a violent act against another person.

  • No, I do not think that stricter gun laws can prevent shootings.

    If someone is angry enough, hateful enough, vengeful enough, no law in world could stop them from acting in violence. There are always ways around laws. How do you think criminals get guns? If someone is motivated enough to shoot someone, or multiple people, they will be able to find a way to make it happen.

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