UCLA water main break: Should more have been done to prevent the water main break?

  • Safety Top Priority

    A quality education can only be achieved if the students learning there are safe. The university's primary job thus must be ensuring a safe work environment for their student body. Regular reviews of implemented systems within the university can and should me a regularly kept requirement in order to protect those on their premises.

  • Routine Maintenance is the key to prevention

    I believe that the water main break at UCLA could have been prevented if routine maintenance was done. When maintenance is done properly, weak spots are noticed and can be repaired immediately. With regular inspections of all the pipes, workers are able to replace any rusted plumbing and tighten any loose areas.

  • Yes, I think there should have been.

    When your state is in a massive drought I think you should really make sure that every ounce of water gets to where it's supposed to go. I think when you're charging customers for overuse and then the city goes and wastes hundreds of thousands of galloons I think it's a terrible thing they should have saw coming.

  • Yes, It Should Have

    Things don't just fall apart over night. The City should be doing regular checks on any and everything in the city that could cause major damage. Problems are easier to fix when you have amble time to catch the problem or catch it before it becomes a problem. They should have known it was on the edge of breaking.

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