• They always win

    UCONN always plays tough. They have a way of recruiting the most physical players. It's not uncommon for UCONN to go far in the tournament and this year will be no different. Colorado wasn't a tough opponent, but UCONN has the passing and shooting skills that it needs to go a long ways in the tournament.

  • UCONN basketball team not likely to go on a run

    The University of Connecticut men's basketball team does not seem poised to make a deep run in this March's tournament. The team beat a very good University of Colorado unit, but now faces a major test in facing an excellent Kansas team. Kansas is has 30 wins against only 4 losses and is ranked number one.

  • Not likely to continue

    UConn is slated to play Kansas in the second round. I just can't imagine any way for UConn to win. Kansas is slated to be the best team this year, and is the favorite for winning the tournament. Barring a HUGE upset, UConn will find themselves at the end of the road after their game with Kansas.

  • Anything is possible in March Madness, but Kansas might be too good.

    March Madness is always full of surprises. Anything can happen. Connecticut had no business making it to the Final Four or the championship game two seasons ago, but it took home the title. The Huskies are playing well right now, and they are probably good enough to beat any team in the tournament. Having said that, Kansas is probably the best college basketball team in the country, so it will be very difficult for anyone to beat them.

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