UK citizens' website and messaging service records to be retained for a year: Is security more important than freedom?

  • Security is More Important than Freedom

    UK citizens' website and messaging service records are to be retained for a year. This shows that the UK values security more than freedom. Retaining records such as this can be very beneficial because they can help to catch possibly terrorist/enemy threats, as well as catch criminals. It seems invasive to retain all records, especially when most of the public probably does not have anything worth storing. However, it is the only way to ensure that those who are doing suspicious things online have their records retained as well.

  • The new laws are excessive

    The ability of the police and other arms of law enforcement in the United Kingdom to access any citizen's data for the preceding year is open to enormous abuse. It is very likely that it will lead to more cases of abuse than it will lead to genuine convictions of dangerous individuals.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    Freedom is something that we all strive for, or should. Without freedom there is little to keep secure. Our freedom should be what we fight to keep secure, and the basis of morals and laws. Laws against murder, rape, stealing, and so on come from the ideas of protecting others basic human rights.

  • No, freedom is more important.

    It's important to try to find the right balance between security and freedom. There is a lot to debate on this topic, but it should be pretty clear that increased security doesn't actually help much. If a country crosses the line into being more concerned about security than freedom, that is never good. Citizens who feel free are happier and less likely to do things that would cause security issues (like terrorism).

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