UK climate change experts warn against Trump crackdown: Should Prime Minister Teresa May push Trump to safeguard climate research?

  • Climate change is a world wide issue. We all need to do all we can to push research.

    Everyone needs to come together on this issue. It's not just one country's problem. All countries worldwide need to pull their knowledge and resources to lessen the impact of climate change. Therefore, if more research is needed, then all the leaders of all the countries need to learn to communicate and work together.

  • Yes, she should

    Trump does not seem to take climate change seriously, and I think that is a mistake. Therefore, other leaders should encourage him to take it seriously. He may listen to our allies if he respects them and wants a good relationship with them. However, approaching him in an insulting way will make things worse, and other countries should avoid that.

  • Yes, she should.

    Yes, Prime Minister Teresa May should push Trump to safeguard climate research. He doesn't take climate change seriously, and yet it's so obvious that it's happening. Look at all the freak weather we have nowadays, and the intense storms. That's not just coincidence or a bad spell. It's climate change. Our lives depend on a healthy, stable planet. Climate research must be safeguarded so that present and future generations can protect ourselves.

  • Prime Minister May Should Not Push Trump Regarding Safeguarding Climate Research

    It is not appropriate for Prime Minister Teresa May to attempt to push Trump to safeguard climate research. The world leaders such as Ms. May are certainly entitled to their opinions but they should not attempt to push their opinions on the leader of America. Trump will not respond favorably to pushing in any case.

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