• Yes, there are always options when it comes to ending violence.

    Yes. I feel that people can always try to work harder to end violent relations. There are many solutions. The problem is coming up with one that everybody can stand behind. I may not be a world leader, or have much experience in leading a large number of people, but I do know that it's their job to work towards making our lives safer. It has been done in the past, people just have to get on board.

  • No it can't

    I do not really feel that there is anything that can be done diplomatically to end the violence. I feel that it is just going to have to continue on until its natural end. It has already gone to far for diplomacy to work. There will be violence no matter what at this point.

  • No the violence in the Ukraine cannot be diplomatically ended at this time.

    As long as the pro-Russian separatists refuse to acknowledge the international deal requiring them to disarm and vacate the public buildings they have seized there cannot be diplomatic end to the violence. The so called "Geneva Agreement" requires both the pro-Russian separatists and Ukrainina nationalist protesters to disarm and vacate the occupation of public buildings, streets and squares, neither side is willing to accept the terms of the deal.

  • Time for diplomacy is over

    Diplomacy is no longer an option in Ukraine, either between Russia and the West or between Ukraine and the Crimean province looking to join Russia. Lines have been drawn and there will never be a unification of Ukraine that isn't written in blood. The only potential diplomatic end to the conflict would be Ukraine giving up claim to part of its state to Russia and even that is no guarantee that Russian separatists or Russia will stop there and won't seek to expand into other parts of Ukraine or other states in the region.

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