Ukraine conflict: Should the United States have any involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine?

  • The last time we let a country aggressively expand unchecked, the Second World War began soon after.

    Ukraine is only a victim in the Crimean Crisis and all accusations made by Russia against Ukraine are completely unfounded and false. Russian speaking Crimeans are under no threat from the Ukrainian government. Ukraine is a sovereign state that deserves to be able to choose its own path decided by its people, whether it be closer ties with the EU no matter how much Russia dislikes it.

    The actions of Russia in this crisis are not only completely illegal according to international law, but also to a treaty that Russia herself signed with Ukraine, stating that Russia would never interfere with or affect the territorial integrity of Ukraine on the basis that Ukraine would give up its previously gigantic nuclear weapons stockpile. However, now it seems that Russia used this treaty only to weaken Ukraine by removing its nuclear deterrent, not to ensure peace.

  • Yes, the U.S. should get involved.

    I believe that the United States needs to at least have some trade sanctions if nothing else against the hostile actions of Russia. President Putin seems to believe that he is above reproach, and the entire world needs to stand up to this bully. He rectifies his military involvement in Ukraine by saying that their was a threat against his people, but the people that he says he is protecting aren't even Russian citizens. He is a bully in charge of a whole country.

  • Russia is out of line

    Russia and its arrogant president Mr. Putin are completely out of line. They decided to violate international laws by encouraging a bunch of Ukranian rebels, taking them as an excuse to invade Ukraine and taking control over a large part of this country's territory, which is completely unfair and ilegal.

  • No, the United States should not get involved in the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine.

    No, the United States should stay out of the conflict between Russia and the Ukraine. This conflict should be solved by Russia and the Ukraine, and the United States has no business being involved. The United States is involved in enough other conflicts in the world and does not have the resources to get involved in the Russia and Ukraine issue.

  • No, the United States does not need to be involved in Ukraine

    No, the United States should not have any involvement in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The United States has been acting as a policeman for the rest of the world for much too long. It is my stance that before we intervene any further in foreign affairs that we actually need to take care of our internal issues such as prison population, unemployment and health care.

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