Ukraine membership in NATO: Should Ukraine be given membership in NATO?

  • Yes they should join

    I believe Ukraine should join NATO.The reasons I believe that Ukraine too many people have suffered due to the civil war taking place.If Ukraine were to join NATO they would have access to Western Europe and would be able to strengthen ties with the Eu which could lead to a economic boom.Ukraine would also be procted by the most powerful military in the world. And those are the reason I believe that Ukraine should join NATO

  • NATO is an outdated organization that should stand for peace not a theoretical war with Russia

    NATO was created for the possibility of war with the Soviet Union. A country which no longer exists and has no equal in terms of security at this time. Russia no longer has the capabilities to engage with the US in a global war and its interests no longer suits a cold war scenario.

    An expansion of NATO to Ukraine would not serve Ukraine's interests and the only reason for this expansion is to prepare for a war with Russia. A nuclear armed power that does not mutual annihilation.

    The times have changed. NATO is no longer necessary.

  • Buffer Against Russia

    Ukraine should be given membership in NATO, even though its own residents are against the measure. Adding Ukraine gives western Europe an added buffer against Russia should any hardline regimes seize power in the formerly communist country. Although the Cold War is over, having a buffer against such a huge country is always a good idea in a military alliance.

  • Nope. Technically it can't anyway.

    Since Ukraine is in a state of civil war it cannot join according to the nato charter. This law is in place for good reason as it prevents existing nato members from being drawn into a hot conflict. It is also a large part of Russia's strategy in Georgia and Moldova also.

  • The Ukraine Should Not Be Given Membership in NATO

    The Ukraine should not be granted membership in NATO because they have been hostile against NATO's goals in the past and have stated that membership in NATO may not fit with their goals. Additionally, because there is so much instability in terms of political representation in the Ukraine, defending the country would be difficult and NATO does not desire to do it.

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