Ukrainian Prime Minister Yatsenyuk resigns: Will the Ukraine ever be able to recover from Russia and the Flight MH17 tragedy?

  • Yes they will

    There is nothing truly to recover from the Flight MH17 tragedy. Yes, the flight was shot down in their area, but there were not Ukrainian people on the plane and it is pretty obvious that they had no part in bringing it down. It depends on if they get back land from Russian.

  • Everyone always recovers

    That question is a very broad one. Of course they will recover in time! Now, how long it will take them is another question, as it really depends on what they do to recover, and if Russia keeps attacking them. They could recover in a very short period, or it could take them a very long time.

  • Yes, the Ukraine will be able to recover from Russia.

    Time's a healer and that's the answer to this. While the Flight MH17 tragedy was a rather grave one, it will not have as much of an adverse effect on the political relations between Ukraine and Russia and hopefully, Ukraine will be able to recover from Russia and the Flight MH17 tragedy given it has the time to do so.

  • Yes, I believe they will.

    History has shown us that countries have the ability to recover from even the worst atrocities given time and better leadership.I think this will be the same for Ukraine if they can get their country in order soon. I don't think the flight tragedy will impact their future as a country in horrible ways.

  • I don't think so!

    No country poor or wealthy would ever be able to recover from such a tragic loss. American citizens still grieve over 9-11. People can accept what has happened, but it's always in their mind and it's always going to be a depressing memory. Some people may care more than others and that's a normal response some will experience. It's a psychological proses every human goes through.

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