Um...Is it me or is it a bigger deal when a white person kills a black person,then when a black person kills a white person???

Asked by: reexsffa
  • In the medias eyes yes.

    In reality no, we are all people and weather someone of a different race or Origen pulled the trigger on you, it's all the same. But in the context of this question, yes. There is no bounty that the media portrays a white man shooting a African American as "racially motivated" but when it's the other way around you don't hear nearly as much.

  • I agree with you.

    Mind you, I'm black, but I agree totally. When a black person gets killed by someone, I also hope it's not by a cop or a by white person, because (some, not all, most of us black people have smarts) other black people will go out destroying things. That is an idiotic way to protest. I am an activist (I support ALL lives matter, and other groups), so I know the best way to get the word out is to peacefully protest.

    It saddens me how people like to separate themselves because I have darker skin, and some people have lighter skin. It's horrible.

    Meanwhile, a black person or a cop kills a white person, and no one speaks of it, no one cares. It's a sad, sad, world we live in. All crimes are wrong, and no, it's no always because of race, most of the time, it's because of that person is a real criminal.....

  • No, it's not just you.

    Yes, the news media makes a bigger deal about a white killing a black than a black killing a white in most cases. This is due to many things. First, minorities killing minorities barely makes the cut because of gang violence. Second, Whites killing Whites is typically a headline. However, a white killing a black is seen by the media as racist. When a black kills a white, it is seen as "typical", which is complete hypocrisy on their part.

  • I disagree mostly but in a way I do agree.

    I think sometimes when a white person kills a black person it becomes a bigger deal than vice versa but sometimes vice versa is more serious. Here's how it goes: When a black person kills a white person, people will convict that person and call them a criminal and probably be sentenced to like 30 years or life in prison. But sometimes when a white person kills a black person, some try to back them up by saying they might have a mental condition or they will be given a lighter sentence than their black counterpart. Again, this is not always the case but I have seen it happen. Like with the case of Brock Turner, a white man- though he did not kill anyone, he did rape a woman and stick foreign objects up her you know where but he only got three months in a COUNTY JAIL! That is unfair to the victim. But when Brian Banks- a black man was falsely accused of sexual assault he was sentenced to five years is prison. Does that sound fair to you?

  • I think the opposite

    I think the opposite is true. It is a bigger deal if a black person kills a white person, because then they are called cynical or radical. When a white person kills a black person they are mentally challenged or disturbed. The media changes it to fit the race or culture.

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AlwaysRight12345 says2015-09-19T15:15:06.487
What exactly is your question here?
reexsffa says2015-09-19T15:23:18.577
Um...Like its hard to explain without sounding racist (which i'm not) so wen a white person kills a black person like the black people go straight to saying it involved racism which i don't belive is always the case and white people really don't ever say it involves racism.Do you understand now???
AlwaysRight12345 says2015-09-19T15:23:57.280
Yes. Thank you for clarifying.
reexsffa says2015-09-19T15:24:47.997