UN Convention on the Rights of Migrant Workers and their Families: Should migrants receive equal treatment on social welfare?

  • Migrants should receive equal treatment on social welfare

    If nothing else these are people who have need for the assistance which is available.
    Migrants are good enough to work and be reliable at their jobs and should be treated equally when they seek assistance. They should also be offered the ability to gain U.S. Citizenship, if they want to work and are working why not treat them as U.S. Citizens.

  • Migrants Have Rights, As Long As They Are Legal

    Migrants have just as many rights as other workers so long as they are allowed to be in one place legally with the proper paperwork. Illegal migrant workers shouldn't have social welfare rights as they may not pay taxes in whatever locales they find employment. In America, as long as workers are here legally and pay taxes, they have a right to public assistance.

  • Migrants Should Receive Equal Treatment

    Yes, migrant workers should receive equal treatment on social welfare as migrant workers offer a valuable service of cheap labor. Migrant workers are also human beings, and must be treated with that same respect. If a migrant is having difficulty securing work, I do not feel it is inappropriate to support them on welfare.

  • Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect.

    Regardless of a person's citizenship status they should be treated with dignity and respect, and that includes social welfare benefits. Citizenship status should be a protected class along with race, sex, gender, ethnicity and sexual orientation. It is our duty as human beings to make sure that others are cared for humanely and justly.

  • Migrants should not receive equal social welfare

    Migrants should not receive equal treatment on social welfare. This is because many people flee to other countries to get a better life before returning to their home countries. This destroys some of the culture of the countries, and shouldn't be rewarded with full welfare benefits for this very reason.

  • Migrants Don't Deserve Social Welfare

    Migrant workers that travel from one country to another for work shouldn't qualify for social welfare in that second country. Since they aren't citizens, they don't deserve government-funded money in these welfare programs. Giving them that opportunity hurts the citizens of the host country in more ways than one today.

  • That's the gamble

    Migrant workers leave the country they know for what they believe to be a better life - that's the gamble with immigrating, leaving what you know behind. Generations of immigrants successfully immigrated and, more importantly, prospered, without the 'social welfare' (read: other's money and hard work) available to citizens today.

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