UN has closed its eyes to what Zionists are doing!

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  • I agree completely.

    The government of Israel treats the Palestinians horribly. Israel illegally occupies Palestinian land and builds settlements on that land. In order to build settlements Israel evicts Palestinians form their homes and sometimes demolishes their homes. Israeli settlers are often violent and attack Palestinians to the point where some Palestinians have to have cages around their houses. Israel also kills innocents in Gaza on purpose.

  • UN and Western media are bias!

    550 Children have been killed and injured during 70 days!!
    Many women have been killed while fighting Zionists with stones and knives! They wanted not to let Zionists ruin their houses and build new cities.
    UN and Western media announce that Israel is in defensive wars!! What kind of defensive war is this!

  • Quite the opposite actually

    Their is an abnormal amount of bias within the United Nations toward the nation of Israel that it has become down right ridiculous.
    The UN has had 79 resolution against Israel since the groups founding, which 40% of all the resolution made against a single country. The UN Human Rights Council even has a permanent agenda composed of 10 items, one of which is always reserved for criticizing Israel. In fact between 2006 and 20012, the UNHRC has had 48 reports against Israel, while if you look at other, far worse countries, like...
    Syria- 9 reports (mainly for mass killings and torture)
    Iran- 3 reports (mainly for genocidal dogma)
    China- 0 reports
    This bias becomes even more apparent when you compare the number of people killed by any given country and the number of UN condemnations that country receives. Israel is responsible for about 46,000 deaths, yet has received 223 condemnations. When if you look at other nations,
    Nigeria- 1 million deaths, 0 condemnations
    N. Korea- 2 million deaths, 10 condemnations
    Sudan- 2.25 million deaths, 45 condemnations
    Cambodia- 3 million deaths, 14 condemnations
    China- 70 million deaths, 0 condemnations
    Or how about the fact that the UN has created a whole agency for the refugees related to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (which is about 1% of all refugees) despite nearly all other war-torn regions on the planet needing it more.
    This abnormal biased view of the UN toward Israel is largely a response from several flaws in the UN Charter itself. In the General Assembly, every nation has an equal vote on resolutions. Back at its founding, their were less than 60 member nations, predominately democratic and pro-west. Now their are 193 or so nation in the UN, only about 40 or so are democracies. 2/3rd of the General Assembly are controlled by 8.4% of the population on earth. Good thing the GA can only make suggestion, while the security council has all the real power.
    Most of the Muslim countries (and the Soviets back countries back in the day) come together to create a voting block for the sole purpose of discrediting Israel, despite Israel having a better track record than all of them.
    And lets not even get started with the Durban Conference.

    The UN has become one of the largest supporters of anti-Israel, anti-semitism rhetoric on planet earth, and we should be appalled by it.

  • If anything its the other way around.

    The UN is ignoring all the terroristic attacks on civilians and are saying that terrorists are being treated unfairly. A quick shot to the head is how you deal with all terrorists. Some idiot up there even complained about people attacking citizens with knives being shot. Seriously people? Israel is up to a double standard and I think people should look at their own country before criticizing others.

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ChristopherCaldwell says2016-01-18T20:58:37.467
I think it's because the United States has used it's veto to save it numerous times.