UN Refugee Efforts, US attitude to: Should the US cooperate more with UN refugee policies?

  • Since when have we not taken others in?

    Refugees are dangerous, sure, but we're a country all about refuge. Hell, thats how we started out in the first place, mormons escaping persecution of the church came here for solace and sanctuary. To shut out victims of other nation's issues would be to turn our back on the very thing that made us who we are.

  • Yes, refugees need to be a priority.

    Everyone deserves help during a crisis, and refugees often need it the most. The United States should be much more supportive when it comes to refugees, especially granting asylum to victims of sex trafficking, mutilation and genocide, from their countries as the United Nations advises. Unfortuantely the US often denies asylum to people.

  • No they should not cooperate more.

    The UN can be a very helpful organization but sometimes it puts its nose where it doesn't belong. The decision to help or not help refugees should be a decision that is solely up to the United States. The US is a free country and should be allowed to make its own decisions on this.

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