UN Security Council veto: Does the veto decrease the effectiveness of the United Nations?

  • Yes,the veto does decrease the effectiveness of the United Nations.

    Because of the way the veto is formatted it is easy to see how the effectiveness of the United Nations is compromised.Certain members have veto power and they will always look out for their own good.This hurts smaller,less powerful countries that do not have a way to address their needs without the help of more powerful countries that may just not care.

  • The Veto Gives Some Nations the Power to Prevent Peace

    The UN Security Council is mandated to take immediate action
    to keep the peace. It tries to bring parties into discussions when there is a
    potential conflict. It can send troops if it must. Its power is immense, but limited.
    Any of the countries with a permanent seat on the council can immediately halt
    its work. The veto power held by the victors of World War II, the United States,
    China, Russia, France and Great Britain, allows them to halt any proposed
    action even if it has majority approval. Any of these countries can prevent

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