UN Security Council veto: Is the veto power subject to individual interests?

  • Misuse of power

    Since the establishment of the veto power, the five permanent members have abused from it, like USA uses it to protect Israel or Russia to attack Syria. The veto power has enabled powerful countries to overthrow democratically elected governments, bomb civilians, terrorize their own populations, place inhumane sanctions on civilians, even refuse UN officials access to investigate.

  • The veto is a veto on democracy

    The veto power of the UN Security Council (an undemocratic grouping from the get-go, as only the most powerful nations on Earth are represented) was designed clearly to not allow the council to have any enforcing powers. You cannot give everyone a vote AND veto power and call that democracy.

  • Security Council Veto

    The veto power given to the five permanent members should be stopped, as this power has mostly been used for bad rather than good. This is most seen with the US’s position in its support for Israel, and how it constantly vetoes any resolution that restores the rights to Palestinians. The veto power kills democracy and violates what the UN stands for.

  • Security Council Veto

    The UN Security Council veto power is not subjected to individual interests. The United Nations represents countries that have the mandate to express opionions and views of the population of the country. The representation at the UN Security Council is of the countries and project the views of the countrymen.

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