Under Obamacare, Are Insurance Companies Still Exempt From Federal Antitrust Laws?

  • Insurance Companies Still Protected by Obamacare

    Insurance companies are still exempt from federal antitrust laws thanks to Obamacare. This means they can still corner the market and force people to pay high prices for healthcare coverage. With that in mind, this part of Obamacare needs to be changed in order to ensure a more competitive marketplace for health insurance.

  • Insurance Companies are Still Exempt From Federal Antitrust Laws.

    Under Obama Care, insurance companies are not required to follow antitrust laws. The new policies have changed the way that people pay for health care, but they do not change the government's role towards trusts. Obama's health care reforms are an important way for the country to balance its budget.

  • Insurance Companies are Still Exempt from Antitrust Laws

    The original House bill included language which would have exempted insurance companies from federal antitrust laws, but this was not included in the Senate version of the bill. The final version which was passed and enacted as law, continues this exemption by the insurance companies which was originally provided for by the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945.

  • No Insurance Company Can Get Too Big

    No company in America can get so big as to make a monopoly on certain goods. Health insurance companies are the same way. When "trusts" were the subject of "antitrust" legislation, they then changed their type of business to a "company" or "firm" to get around the law. The feds will watch these new regulations like a hawk and put a stop to any insurance company who gets too big for its britches thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

  • No, they are completely controlled.

    No, under Obamacare, insurance companies are not still exempt from federal antitrust laws, because the insurance companies are controlled in what they must do. In Obamacare, insurance companies are told how much of the premiums collected can be spent on administrative costs. This is in essence treating insurance companies as though they have violated antitrust laws.

  • No in theory they would not be

    Under Obama care the insurance companies should not be exempt from federal anti trust laws. This is done to help protect individual rights in the health care industry. With that said whether or not it is enforced at all remains to be seen. The companies have been getting away with a lot for many years.

  • Insurance companies are still exempt from anti-trust laws

    Insurance companies will be exempt from anti-trust laws for as long as it is on the books. Essentially, Obamacare reinforces this exemption, because the people cannot be discriminated against. This would most likely cause market prices to fairly well stabilize themselves, and therefore it will be about cutting costs as opposed to revenues. Insurance policies will be worth what they are worth and probably won't differ much from company to company. This is this is the opposite of anti-trust.

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