Under Pressure: Was David Bowie's "Under Pressure" one of his true greatest hits?

  • Yes, "Under Pressure" was one of David Bowie's greatest hits.

    Though "Under Pressure" is a song by Queen, David Bowie's part in it was crucial to the song's success. His vocal range and tone perfectly complimented Freddie Mercury's to create an anthem for a generation. I think that it would be difficult for a person to list ten of David Bowie's greatest hits without including "Under Pressure."

  • Under Pressure is Genius

    Listen to "Under Pressure". WOW! The song, written by Queen and David Bowie is magical. The lyrical content melds with the music to create a perfect song. There was a reason why Queen played this song during every concert after it was written. The fact that it is known as a Queen song does not mean that it is not one of Bowie's greatest hits. The contributions by David Bowie make the song what it is.

  • David Bowie had a true hit with "Under Pressure"

    The song "Under Pressure" sung by David Bowie was surely one of his greatest hits. It's always been one of my favorite Queen/David Bowie songs. The tune is so catchy. The lyrics are so simple, yet poignant. He sings these horrible words with such a beautiful voice and background melody. It is easily one of his best songs.

  • Yes, "Under Pressure" Will Always Be A Classic

    The magic of "Under Pressure" is that it is a collaboration between two of the most romanticized rock idols. It has brought fans of both Queen and Bowie together over the years. In addition, its emotional lyricism continues to be popular with listeners today--every listener wants to feel that Freddie Mercury and David Bowie sympathize with our daily "pressures."

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