Underdog Chicago Bears on winning streak: Is this an early sign of a good season?

  • Yes, it appears so.

    The bears have been outstanding to beat other top teams so early. It is tempting to think this buzz might fade but their performances have given the impression to mark the beginning of a vast improvement in their ability and play. There are plenty more tests to come but it still may be their best season yet.

  • A good sign

    An early winning streak is always a good sign, but fans should be careful not to get carried away. It's bad enough when your team doesn't win, without anticipating a fantastic season ahead of time. Now is the time to be grateful for a good series of games, not to get cocky! Personally I think it's a sign of things to come, but cautious optimism only!

  • Yes, the Chicago Bears should compete for a playoff spot.

    The Bears have seen improvements to their defense and have a dynamic duo of wide receivers in Alshon Jeffrey and Brandon Marshall. The NFC North is very weak this year with the Packers, Lions, and Vikings all hanging around with one or two wins. If the Bears defense can continue to show signs of progress, Jay Cutler and the Bears should be able to cinch a playoff spot.

  • They'll fall apart.

    The Chicago Bears will not likely have a good season, despite the early winning streak, because they do not have that much depth on their team. The Chicago Bears have dwindled for many years, and it just takes too much time to build the depth back up that the Bears would need to sustain their success. It will happen in a few more years.

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